Print Capabilities

We print all kinds of things, as long as they can be printed using letterpress techniques. We also offer small runs of hot foil stamping.

Business Cards




Prints & Posters

Greeting Cards



Packaging & Labels


We’ve managed to cram quite a bit of old shit in our shop. Our shop being a pair of garages at the moment. Here’s a list, including total allowable sheet area (in inches):

Heidelberg Windmill (10x15)

Chandler & Price (10x15)

Vandercook No. 4 (12x18)

Vandercook No.2 (18x24)

Conrad Etching Press (24x36)

Golding Pearl (7x11)

Iron Press (12x18)

Kensol Foil Stamper (5x7)



We usually have something from Crane & Co., Mohawk, Newman Paperboard and French Paper in stock. We can special order from a wide selection of letterpress-friendly stock.


We can mix any color within the primary Pantone formula guide and also carry metallic silver, gold, and copper, as well as most Pantone fluorescent (neon) colors. Most letterpress inks are translucent, and there will always be some noticeable variation in the printing process.


Most jobs require developing a custom quote.  Contact us if you're looking for an estimate or would like to schedule a consultation.


Small jobs (think 1-color business cards) typically take 1-2 weeks once a signed estimate and deposit are received. Larger jobs (like invitation suites) typically take 3 or more weeks. Rush requests are not currently available. We do our best to reply to requests within 48 hours.


Sorry, no returns accepted on custom jobs.


We provide shipping for custom orders.


Et Cetera

Learning Letterpress

Unfortunately we’re not currently set up to offer workshops, tours, field trips, and the like. However, we do occasionally commit to offering private lessons to the aspiring and persistent printmakers in training.

Private Lessons

If you’re looking to purchase your own press, whether platen or flatbed, Jack may be willing to provide you with the training necessary to get you reasonably confident in operating your own machine. Rates generally start at $150 for a half day, $300 for a full day.

Workshops & Markets

As stated above, we do not currently offer workshops. If you’re local to the Tampa Bay region we suggest you look into Print St. Pete, operated by two women printmakers with backgrounds in book and library arts.

About Calusa Press

So, you want to learn how to print the “old fashioned” way, eh? While we’re not really in the bu

Why the name?

So, you want to learn how to print the “old fashioned” way, eh? While we’re not really in the bu