St. Pete Hood Love: 600 Block


St. Pete Hood Love: 600 Block


Not even 6 years ago, St. Pete's 600 block was nearly deserted and seemingly fated to demolition. Fortunately, it's a thriving shopping and nightlife district in 2015, thanks to several dedicated residents that worked hard to revive the area. Since the revival of the 600 Block, new districts such as Edge and Warehouse Arts are exploding with activity. They can thank everyone involved on the 600 Block for their newfound success.

Our St. Pete Hood Series letterpress prints are designed by hand, using a linoleum carving, wood blocks, and moveable wood and metal type. Hand-inked and printed on a Vandercook No. 2 proof press, they capture the sometimes-gritty-yet-always-vibrant creative culture that's brewing in St. Pete. These hand numbered prints are available in 6 different colors in limited editions of 24 (total, not each color).

  • Hand numbered edition of 24
  • Choose from 6 unique colors
  • 140# French Speckletone Starch White paper
  • 12.5 x 12.5 (fits in standard record frame)
  • Optional black metal frame
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